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My name is Kathryn Rose Newey – and I’m an author of books for children and young teens. I want readers to not only have fun, but also to learn and grow through their reading. I write all kinds of stories and poems too, including nature conservation, environmental and animal stories. I’m about to publish a children’s sci-fi story too!

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Kids’ books are meant to be enjoyable, readable and fun, and that’s wonderful. But often they’re not about real things in the real world, and they don’t always encourage thinking and questioning. Especially not about planet Earth, the animals that live here with us, and human beings’ interaction with them and the planet…

That’s where the book Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came comes in. It’s a story to read and enjoy, but it’s also so much more. What better way to begin a journey exploring and engaging in environmental issues and nature conservation, than through a story?

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