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More about WonderWorksheets…

WonderWorksheets have been especially created to help kids & teens explore and grow their curiosity, knowledge and informed opinions about environmental issues, wildlife and animal rights, and nature conservation. All while practising and improving their English reading, speaking and writing skills.

WonderWorksheets come in two sets:


Set A – Reading Writing Talking WonderWorksheets – reading comprehension and inference questions as well as fiction writing activities. Design to complement the book ‘Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came’. You will need to read the book when using WonderWorksheets set A.

Download WonderWorksheets set A here and buy the book here:

Set B – Researching Questioning WonderWorksheets – environmental and wildlife conservation research projects, non-fiction environmental writing activities and spelling/grammar quizzes. WonderWorksheets set B can be used on their own, without reference to the book.

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Find out more, and view some sample pages of WonderWorksheets sets A & B here.

“These worksheets provide a very interesting and comprehensive set of exercises covering a wide range of activities including researching and designing your own non-fiction booklet about crows, drawing an impression of a worm’s-eye view of the animals’ discussion, writing stories from a given first line, and many more.

“The worksheets are the most interesting and varied I have come across to date and show that the author has put a lot of thought and detail into each one.”

~ Review in Newsletter, Spring 2018.

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