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Butterflies and Moths

An A4-size colour poster (can be printed larger if required), covering why butterflies and moths matter in ecosystems, the differences between butterflies and moths, and actions you can take in order to save butterflies and moths.

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Colourful ‘Elephant Facts’ A4-size Poster

The poster covers the main differences between African and Asian Elephants, the reasons why elephants are disappearing, elephant statistics over time, and things you can do to help save elephants.

Set of ‘Elephants Matter’ Worksheets

This 2-page set of worksheets encourages kids to research for themselves the differences between different types of elephants, create a mind map of why elephants populations are declining, find out more about World Elephant Day, discuss elephants in the wild versus in captivity, discover myths and stories about elephants in unique situations, and more…

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Set of ‘Save Hedgehogs’ Worksheets

For younger kids and middle-graders, there are 4 creative activities worksheets, with space for writing, drawing and ideas, including creating a poem about hedgehogs (with hedgehog words to help) and writing/drawing a graphic story.

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Set of ‘Hedgehogs Matter’ Worksheets

For middle-graders and teens, the 2 ‘Hedgehogs Matter’ worksheets have lots of research, writing and discussion activities, including finding out more about hedgehog habits, and planning a hedgehog-friendly space.

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‘How to Help Hedgehogs’ Poster

The printable, full-colour ‘How to Help Hedgehogs’ poster lists actions you can take to help save hedgehogs, which types of food to put out to encourage hedgehogs, and websites with more information.

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Maths and Numeracy

This colourful, 2-page ‘Vegan Maths’ worksheet explores the numbers and statistics of Veganism and farmed animals. The worded problems include all 4 number operations with large and small numbers. There are answers on the back, as well as facts and website links for further information.

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Also listed below under ‘Veganism’. 

Plastic Pollution

Explore the environmental issues of plastic waste, pollution and solutions in this 2-page set of ‘Planet Plastic’ eco-worksheets.

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Science, Astronomy, Science Fiction

This 2-page set of ‘Awesome Science Worksheets’ includes a quiz, writing/drawing activities, and a craft activity with research suggestions. Guaranteed to generate discussions and giggles with kids aged 7-10.

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All the reasons why trees are important to us and life on Earth, summarised in this full-colour, printable ‘Why are Trees Important?’ eco-poster.

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‘Vegan Maths’ worksheet: A colourful 2-page worksheet exploring the numbers and statistics of Veganism and farmed animals.

Word problems involving all 4 operations with large and small numbers. Includes answers, as well as facts and website links for further information.

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Also listed above under ‘Maths and Numeracy’.

WonderWorksheets Set A – English Literacy, Reading Comprehension, Writing Activities and Language Practice

A whole booklet of 18 worksheets, with lots of English reading, fiction writing and discussion activities. Great to use alongside WonderWorksheets set B – see below.

Find out more about ‘English Literacy’ WonderWorksheets Set A here.

The worksheets include reading comprehension and inference activities based on every chapter of the book ‘Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came‘ – find out about this Eco-Fiction novel here.

WonderWorksheets Set B – Cross-Curricular Environmental Science, Biology, Ecology, Geography and English Language

A booklet containing 18 worksheets, full of non-fiction writing, debate and research activities focusing on various ecological topics. Plus some spelling, punctuation and grammar activities too! Great to use alongside WonderWorksheets set A – see above.

Find out more about ‘Environmental’ WonderWorksheets Set B here.

This set of worksheets is loosely based on the environmental themes highlighted in the book ‘Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came‘ – find out about this Eco-Fiction novel here.

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