‘Elephants Matter’ Eco-Worksheets and Poster

Elephants – an important part of the great web of life – do matter!

But they’re having a tough time, thanks to humans. Poached for ivory, culled, hunted, suffering from habitat loss, captured for zoos and circuses, caged or confined as working animals…

Find out more about the struggles of elephants, and why we need them to survive in the wild, here: “Elephant Extinction – Does it Matter?

I’ve created these free, downloadable Elephant educational resources for you:

‘Elephants Matter’ Environmental Worksheets

This 2-page set of worksheets covers all sorts of activities on elephants, including:

  • Design a mind map on the reasons elephant populations are declining (with a cool video link explaining mind maps)
  • Find out how we can all get involved in saving elephants
  • Investigate what World Elephant Day is all about
  • Research and have discussions about how elephants occur in our myths and legends
  • Explore etymology of the word ‘poach’
  • Learn fun facts and watch videos about unique elephant relationships
  • …and more!

‘Elephant Facts’ Eco-Poster

This A4-size, colour poster covers various facts about elephants, including:

  • Differences between African Elephants and Asian Elephants
  • Reasons why elephants are becoming endangered/going extinct
  • Statistics on elephant numbers
  • Advice, with website links, on what you can do to help elephants

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Enjoy researching, reading, writing, talking and saving elephants! 🙂

The Zoo Animals’ Faraway Dream (Special Edition) is a novel exploring how zoo animals, including elephants, cope with being enclosed in cages and stared at by humans all their lives.

Ndlovu the elephant spends her days eating, basking in the few minutes of sunshine and staring at nothing in particular. Until one day a mysterious new animal arrives in the zoo, who doesn’t have a cage, telling everyone stories about other animals in the outside world. 

Most animals don’t believe him, until something happens which means they must take a stance. Will they have what it takes to defeat the forces against them?

The Special Edition features a bonus chapter, so that readers can explore two different realities.

There is also a non-fiction section at the end of the novel, with information and website links, so readers can find out more about caged animals worldwide.