Bees and Other Pollinators – New Eco-Worksheet!

The 20th of May is World Bee Day!

It’s the day we acknowledge the more than 16,000 species of bees on this planet and how they, and other pollinators, provide food for humans and other animals, sustain biodiversity and help Mother Nature.

In celebration of bees and all pollinators, I’ve created another set of WonderWorksheets called Bees and Other Pollinators!

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One of the ways to gain appreciation for nature and animals is through a love of reading.

My eco-fiction books vividly bring the struggles individual animal characters face when humans destroy nature, or keep animals caged for our entertainment.

They include the story, as well as a factual and research section at the back of each novel, to inspire readers to find out more and take action to save animals and nature.