Really fun Science Fiction novels…

Unexpected twists, a flurry of word and number patterns, and a dash of humour.

Ilnoblet Elmer and the Alien Water Thieves by Kathryn Rose Newey

Ilnoblet Elmer and the Alien Water Thieves

The First Gapitonian-Earthian Adventure.

A boy with a secret. Purple aliens hiding in garden sheds, wanting to steal Earth’s water. A poem which contains the answer. If only he can work it out, he might be able to banish those nasty, sticky aliens forever.

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The Space Hamster and the Universal Code

A Second Galaxy Spanning Adventure with Ilnoblet Elmer.

Alternate universes, strange beings, and tetrahedral portals. Ilnoblet must crack a code, save his sister and be home in time for dinner, before those despicable aliens, the Mootilokygogrifies, destroy everything.

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