For space-age middle-graders. 

Explore beyond Earth and space with fun, educational Science Fiction novels full of universal mysteries, important secrets, maths, science and language wonders, weird and wacky aliens you wouldn’t want to bump into in the night, and an ordinary boy named Ilnoblet Elmer (who’s not so ordinary, after all).

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For ecologically-minded teens.

How do animals really feel? Read Environmental Fiction novels about realistic and lovable wild animal characters facing habitat loss, deforestation, eroded animal rights, or becoming endangered or extinct, and what they do, or wish they could do, in their interactions with humans. Luckily, some humans do care.

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Feeling and thinking. At the back of each novel you’ll find an interactive, factual section.  With info, website links and advice based on the environmental and literacy themes in the novels – or with poems, codes and riddles to solve!

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Free Worksheets and Posters

The worksheets cover various curriculum topics and skills in each one. Develop English, Maths, Science, Research and Creative skills through fun topics about Animals, Environmental issues, Biology, Ecology, Science, Geography, Maths and Astronomy!

Why not check out the new Science Fiction Station video series, with mini-lessons and free matching worksheets?

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News, Fun & Freebies

Get news & info about books, worksheets, downloads, videos, fun activities, writing workshops and events, as well as environmental issues and animal rights.

Read about other authors and interesting people, and get help with writing and self-publishing for new authors of any age.

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Original Poems

Explore poetry about environmental issues, animal rights, and human-interest topics. Suitable for secondary/high school students and older poetry-lovers.

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Author Talks, Visits and Workshops

I offer writing workshops, author talks, book signings, environmental presentations, and self-publishing Q&A sessions. Suitable for any ages – I can come to your school, club, group or bookstore in Hertfordshire and surrounding counties in South East England, or do an online workshop/talk.

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Read. Learn. Save the planet (and the universe).

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