Ever wondered how animals really feel when humans take over and destroy our planet?

Unique Books with Environmental Messages by Kathryn Rose Newey

Immerse yourself in novels through the eyes and ears of wild animals.

Explore habitat loss, species extinction, deforestation and animal rights, and how these affect our fellow animals. 

Find out the truth. At the end of each novel, you’ll find a non-fiction section. Information and website links let you investigate the environmental issues further, and get you involved in saving animals, nature and the Earth.

Be entertained with fun and educational environmental fiction and science fiction novels – for young adults, teens, and middle-grade readers…

There are free worksheets and teaching resources available too! 

Take your pick from these story genres:

Nature Conservation Fiction & Environmental Fiction ~ Novels to highlight wildlife and nature conservation, endangered and protected species, ecology and green/environmental issues – with facts and website links at the back (for teens and young adults).

Animal Rights Fiction ~ Novels exploring how animals are treated by humans and highlighting animal rights – with facts and website links at the back (for teens and young adults).

Science Fiction ~ Novels about human superheros, UFOs, spaceships, extraterrestrials and aliens on Earth, interplanetary travel and starships – with a fun and educational twist (for tweens/middle graders aged 9-14).

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Explore poems covering environmental, animal and human rights topics. Suitable for secondary/high school students and older poetry-lovers.

Explore Poetry.

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