Poetry Published for Erbacce-Prize Poetry Competition 2021

In addition to being long-listed in the erbacce-prize for Poetry Competition of 2020, my poems were short-listed for publication with other featured poets for the erbacce-prize for Poetry Competition of 2021.

Alongside two of the special featured poets, Aaron Saint John and Kierstin Bridger, some of my poetry and that of 12 other poets was published in the erbacce Journals 68 & 69 of April 2022.

You can view my poems published in the erbacce Journals 68 & 69 here.

The erbacce-prize for Poetry Competition runs annually and is open to poets worldwide. The competition closes on 30 April every year.

If you’re interested in finding out more or entering the competition yourself, visit the erbacce-prize for poetry website. Their only guidance, besides the competition submission guidelines, are that they tend to look for and publish poetry that is “radical in form or content”.

You can view more of my poetry here – subjects include environmental destruction, animal rights and human rights abuses. I feel passionate about bringing awareness to these issues through the universal language of poetry.

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