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Write a Story to Save Elephants – Kids’ Writing Workshops at Waterstones

Write a Story to Save Elephants – Kids’ Writing Workshops at Waterstones

If you’re wondering what to do with the kids this April, why not bring them along to Waterstones in Welwyn Garden City on Wednesday 17th April?

I will be running more of my popular Kid’s Writing Workshops – this time “Write a Story to Save Elephants“.

We’ll be looking at all the situations where elephants interact with humans, how their numbers are plummeting, and what we can do about it.

The kids will be writing a story around this theme, and finding out more about self-publishing their own novels.

There are still spaces in the 11am-12noon workshop. Book in-store or email WelwynGC@waterstones.com (ages 9-14 years).

Find out more about this event on the Waterstones website: https://www.waterstones.com/events/childrens-easter-holidays-activity/welwyn-garden-city


Get Your Free ‘Elephants Matter’ Environmental Worksheet

Get Your Free ‘Elephants Matter’ Environmental Worksheet

Elephants – an important part of the great web of life – do matter!

But they’re having a tough time, thanks to humans. Poached for ivory, culled, hunted, suffering from habitat loss, captured for zoos and circuses, to caged and confined as working animals…

Find out more about the environmental concerns in this blog post: “Elephant Extinction – Does it Matter?

You can explore lots of issues and activities around the topics of elephants in the free 2-page Elephants Matter Environmental Worksheet, including:

  • Design a mind map on the reasons elephant populations are declining (with a cool video link explaining mind maps)
  • Find out how we can all get involved in saving elephants
  • Investigate what World Elephant Day is all about
  • Research and have discussions about how elephants occur in our myths and legends
  • Explore etymology of the word ‘poach’
  • Learn fun facts and watch videos about unique elephant relationships
  • …and more!

Get your FREE Elephants Matter Worksheet!

Enjoy researching, reading, writing, talking and saving elephants! 🙂

I’d love to know how you get on. Write a reply below this post.