Getting into Germs: Viruses and Bacteria Worksheet for Kids

Going mad with the kids stuck at home during Coronavirus lockdowns?

Running out of ideas for fun and worthwhile home-schooling activities?

Why not let the kids explore The Germs Worksheet: Viruses and Bacteria?

This 2 page set of worksheets is a great way for kids aged 9-13 to get educated about bacteria and viruses. It’s an established fact of psychology that learning about something, and exploring it honestly is a good coping mechanism, and will help to take away some of the panic and fear.

The worksheets include ‘multi-million factoids’ and related activities:

  • Writing numbers of microbes in full numbers from powers of 10,
  • Creating a story or comic about a virus called Vincent,
  • Researching via suggested video and websites the key differences between Viruses and Bacteria.
  • The worksheets include answers, space to work, and websites for further investigation.

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