New! Interactive Worksheet: ‘Trees in Numbers’

Trees are not only life-saving storers of carbon, creators of oxygen, and bringers of peace and greenery, but there are large numbers of them on Earth.

Three trillion, in fact!

Unfortunately humans are depleting them by 10 billion trees every year.

And while planting baby trees to replace the trees we’ve chopped down is important and essential, they can take 100 years to grow or more, before they might replace what was lost. Not to mention all the bio-diversity we lose by ridding the Earth of forests.

If we’re not careful, we could eventually lose all or almost all our trees!

Explore numbers of trees and other fascinating facts about trees with this new ‘Trees in Numbers’ worksheet.

It includes these activities:

  • Various tree calculations for you to do,
  • A report/presentation/video for you to create,
  • Facts and websites about trees for you to explore and research further.

You’ll have green fingers when you’re done! 🙂

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Have fun saving trees! 🙂