‘Help Hedgehogs’ Eco-Poster and ‘Save Hedgehogs’ Worksheets

Hedgehogs are often named as the UK’s and other countries’ favourite animals. But sadly, their numbers are declining as they, like other wildlife, are struggling to survive on this human-controlled planet.

Find out what you can do to help save hedgehogs in this blog post.

Here are some hedgehog resources for you…

‘How to Help Hedgehogs’ Eco-Poster

A colourful A4-size PDF poster to print out and stick up, to remind everyone that hedgehogs need our help to survive.

With all the info you need to know on these cute critters, including what they eat, tips on hedgehog-friendly gardening, and websites to explore hedgehogs further.

Set of ‘Save Hedgehogs’ Worksheets

Or how about this 4-page set of worksheets with something for everyone?

It includes a simple speech bubble for little ones to speak on behalf of hedgehogs, a space to write a hedgehog poem/story to save hedgehogs (with hedgehog vocabulary so kids don’t get stuck), and two spaces to create graphic stories about hedgehogs which middle-graders/young teens will love.

There is also a set of ‘Hedgehogs Matter’ worksheets for older kids here.

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3 thoughts on “‘Help Hedgehogs’ Eco-Poster and ‘Save Hedgehogs’ Worksheets

  1. brilliant posters to educate children (and their parents) about the life of a hedgehog and the help they need. A better understanding of the needs of our native wildlife is so important at a time when the natural environment is constantly being challenged the actions of us all.

  2. I volunteer in Monkton nature reserve in Kent, we get school groups in and these posters will be great to have to put up on our boards and to give to the children when they visit.

  3. I used to run a Hedgehog sancttuary/ Wildlife hospital to help Hedgehogs bulk up to 600g for winter we fed them a mixture of cat/ dog food Digestive biscuits, meal worms mixed with Olive Oil and water which they loved. We put fresh clean water each day.. we tried some of the Hedgehog foods like spike but we foundd the prefererred the mix. Sometimes we gave the chicken, Turkey,, meal worms nuts berries, However never fish, Milk or bread .

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