Animals in the Forest WonderWorksheets (set A)

Get your FREE booklet of WonderWorksheets set A to accompany the nature conservation novel Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came.

This extensive set of worksheets will help you get the most out of the book. Suitable for curious kids and teens aged 9-14 years. 

With reading comprehension and reading inference questions, as well as literacy and fiction writing activities, you’ll explore all sorts of English reading, writing and speaking activities.

Besides questions based on each chapter of the story, here are some of the things covered in this comprehensive set of worksheets:

  • Metaphors and similes
  • Story starters
  • Writer techniques to suggest tension
  • Vocabulary building
  • Writing dialogue
  • Identifying adjectives, nouns, adverbs and verbs
  • Dictionary work
  • Writing poetry

Download WonderWorksheets set A

Enjoy reading, writing, thinking and learning! 🙂

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