“Animals in the Forest: I can say the author cares about animals and the environment very much… Kathryn Rose Newey is letting us step into the animals’ shoes and showing us the terrible feelings they have when we ruin their homes. I rate this book 100%, it really touched my heart.” ~ Reader, aged 13

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From the back of the book:

Dakota the Deer and her animal friends live in a small, kidney-shaped forest next to a farm. One day they are disturbed by some additional human activity – the humans barge in, make a lot of noise, pull down branches and shrubs and put up a mysterious structure. Some animals are convinced it’s alive, even though others think it’s not. But they’re all anxious – what does all this human activity mean? Is it simply something they’ll have to get used to, or will it be much more serious, like Whanganui the Weasel claims?

The story’s main characters honour young environmental activists, environmental groups, indigenous tribes or places where ordinary people stood up for their rights to land, and clean air and water. Environmental information, guidance and websites are included at the end of the book, to stimulate reader research and discussion. Can one story save the Earth? It’s up to you!

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Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came is first and foremost an environmental and nature conservation themed story for young adults, teens and children, told from the point of view of wild forest animals. On one level, it’s simply a story to be read and enjoyed, either independently or with someone else. 

On another level, the story symbolises real environmental crises in the world, right now. Both small and large environmental crises – from housing developments around the corner, to loss of forests and habitats globally. From governments and councils allowing corporations to put profits before people, to indigenous tribes being ousted from their traditional survival spaces. From insects, birds and animals disappearing from gardens and parks, to global climate change.

The story honours, and stands in solidarity with specific young environmental activists, environmental groups and defenders, indigenous tribes, and places where ordinary people stood up for their rights to land, air and water. Included in the book, there are information, guidance and website links to help, should readers want to look into things in more detail.

Wondering if this is a lot for youngsters to take on board? Don’t worry – Animals in the Forest is written in such a way that children/teens, and their teachers/parents/carers, are introduced to these environmental topics in layers. They can choose how much, or how little, to discuss and explore.

Find out more in my interview on BBC Three Counties Radio

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Can one story save the Earth? It’s up to you! 🙂

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