Veganism in 5 Minutes: 5 Videos to Support your Veganuary

All your questions about Veganism answered in this series of 5 minute videos, each covering a different aspect of Veganism and being a Vegan:

Vegan in 5: Video 1: What's a Vegan?

Vegan in 5 – Video 1: What’s a Vegan?

What it means to be a Vegan, Veganism compared to Vegetarianism, the Vegan diet at home and when out and about, and some of the main reasons people choose to become Vegan.

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Vegan in 5 minutes: Video 2: Is it healthy?

Vegan in 5 – Video 2: Is it healthy?

Exploring some of the common questions and myths around the Vegan, plant-based diet.

We discuss whether the Vegan diet is healthy, what the problems associated with eating meat are, whether humans need meat for protein, how we can get calcium from plants rather than dairy products, and exploring truths and myths around the issue of Veganism and Vitamin B12.

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Vegan in 5: Video 3: What's Veganism got to do with the environment?

Vegan in 5 – Video 3: What on Earth?

Examining how what we eat is linked to the planet’s health, what some of the issues associated with meat farming and fish farming are, why factory farming/intensive farming harms the environment, and whether organic or free range foods are better.

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Vegan in 5: Video 4: What about animal suffering?

Vegan in 5 – Video 4: What about animal suffering?

How and why farming, especially factory farming for meat, dairy and eggs includes systemic animal suffering, cruelty, abuse and death.

Besides the meat industry, we talk about dairy and egg farming (where animals are also killed when spent), and other industries which also incorporate animal suffering, like zoos, animal testing laboratories, and the wool, leather and fur industries.

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Vegan in 5: Video 5: What's Vegan Activism?

Vegan in 5 – Video 5: What’s Vegan Activism?

What being a Vegan activist is, and why some Vegans feel that educating people and acting for animals is as important as not eating or harming animals.

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Read more about Animal Rights here, and about Veganuary here.

Enjoy watching and learning about Veganism. I hope it helps your Veganuary in January and beyond! 🙂

Feel free to comment or ask any questions below, or you’re welcome to send me a message here.  🙂