Planet Plastic – Interactive Environmental Worksheet ~ Free Teaching Resource All About Plastics, Pollution and Waste

Plastic is everywhere – so much so, that we might as well rename Planet Earth “Planet Plastic”. Explore the environmental issues of plastic waste, pollution and solutions in a 2-page worksheet I created for you. It’s suitable for anyone aged 9-14 years, and it’s best to use it with someone else, perhaps a teacher or parent, so you can benefit from discussion, […]

Veganism: Saving the Planet one Plant-Based Meal at a Time ~ Vegans Shun Animal Suffering, Help Health & Environment

Veganism: Some may think it’s a passing fad or trend which celebrities, especially young celebrities and their followers, are embracing. However there’s more to veganism than you might think, and the numbers of people adopting vegan diets have risen exponentially in the last 10 years. Matt Prior, a vegan and vegan activist in Hertfordshire, UK, says: “Veganism is a lifestyle, not […]

5 Things I Wish I’d Known as a New Self-Publishing Author ~ Those Essential Need-To-Know Facts No One Tells You

When I started self-publishing my own books, I searched the Internet for how to do everything, from file formats, to book cover designs, to best self-publishing platforms. My biggest frustration was that there’s so much information out there, and tons of conflicting advice and opinions. It can be overwhelming for author newbies, who after all, just want to get on […]

Single-Use Plastic – 5 Ways To Reduce Yours and Save the Earth ~ Easy ways to Reduce, Reuse or Recycle your Plastics

Single-use plastic is what it says: Plastic that’s been designed to be used once only, then thrown away. What a waste! We all know it’s a huge problem. Billions of tons of waste plastic lies about as litter, clogs up the oceans, and animals get caught and injured or killed by it. Plus plastic is made from fossil fuels (oil) […]

‘Animals in the Forest’ Review: Thought Provoking and an Absolute Pleasure to Read ~ Review in Newsletter Spring 2018

The Nature Conservation novel aimed at middle grade children, teens and young adults, ‘Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came‘, was recently reviewed by Education Otherwise, a major home education organisation in the UK. Kerri, the EO book reviewer, wrote: “‘Animals in the Forest’ is an absolute pleasure to read due to the superb descriptive detail and wide ranging vocabulary…It’s a […]

Ilnoblet Elmer is Officially Awarded ‘4 out of 4 Stars’! ~ 4 out of 4 Stars Review by has published their official review of ‘Ilnoblet Elmer and the Alien Water Thieves‘, rating it 4 out of 4 stars: “Children’s literature that makes learning fun is always a joy to read. Ilnoblet Elmer and the Alien Water Thieves by Kathryn Rose Newey is one such joy… This adventure story is fit for both kids and kids at heart. As an […]

Children’s Writing Workshops at Waterstones Bookstores ~ Kids' Writing Workshops with Local Author in Hertfordshire

UPDATE May 2018: I’m offering more Kids’ Writing Workshops at Waterstones Hatfield, Waterstones Welwyn Garden City, and Harpenden Books during May Half-Term (28th-31st May 2018). Contact the stores to book your place! UPDATE April 2018! The 2pm-3pm workshop on Monday 9 April 2018 is now fully booked, so we’ve added a second workshop at 11am-12noon. Hurry and book your place (ages […]

What do Batman and Ilnoblet Elmer have in Common? ~ Aspiring Illustrator and Art Student puts his Skills to the Test

Or more precisely, what do an illustration of Batman and the book cover for ‘Ilnoblet Elmer and the Alien Water Thieves‘ have in common? Answer: Both have been drawn and designed by Jamie Ridge, who is currently an Art & Design student and aspiring illustrator! Jamie and other Art & Design students from Oaklands College in Hertfordshire, UK, partook in a […]

What are ‘Animal Rights’ and why should we care about Animals? ~ Caring about Animals Goes Further than Fluffy Bunnies

The term ‘Animal Rights‘ is everywhere these days. To the point where perhaps it’s easy to dismiss, like the myriad of other things vying for our attention in the modern world. But here’s why the rights of animals are important… Now we could get into ethics and philosophy, but to me it’s simpler than that.  Firstly we can often see the […]

Animals in the Forest – Audiobook Available Soon! ~ Environmental Audiobook will be on Amazon, Audible & iTunes

UPDATE February 2018: The audiobook is now ready! Get it from: or  Thought I’d give you a head’s up – Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came (already available as a paperback and e-book) is going to be made into an audiobook. Once created, it will be available from Amazon, Audible and iTunes. I’ve chosen an English native […]