‘Animals in the Forest’ Review: Thought Provoking and an Absolute Pleasure to Read ~ Review in EducationOtherwise.org Newsletter Spring 2018

The Nature Conservation novel aimed at middle grade children, teens and young adults, ‘Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came‘, was recently reviewed by Education Otherwise, a major home education organisation in the UK. Kerri, the EO book reviewer, wrote: “‘Animals in the Forest’ is an absolute pleasure to read due to the superb descriptive detail and wide ranging vocabulary…It’s a […]

New Animal Rights Story for Teens to be Published Soon ~ Novel about Zoo Animals in Captivity, With Facts and Websites

UPDATE June 2018: ‘The Zoo Animals’ Faraway Dream‘ has been published! Find out more here. If you or your kids are into reading about the natural environment, green issues, ecology, animals or saving the planet, then my next book, ‘The Zoo Animals’ Faraway Dream‘ is for you! It’s a story about living behind bars, told from the perspective of zoo […]

Radio Interview: Nature Conservation Novel ‘Animals in the Forest’ ~ Kathryn Rose Newey Interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio

Nick Coffer interviewed me live on BBC Three Counties Radio about my nature conservation / environmental fiction book ‘Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came‘ early in January 2018. Listen to the podcast of the interview here, or watch it now: Here’s some more information about the ‘Nature Conservation Fiction’ genre: What exactly is ‘nature conservation fiction’ or ‘environmental fiction’? […]

Animals in the Forest – Audiobook Available Soon! ~ Environmental Audiobook will be on Amazon, Audible & iTunes

UPDATE February 2018: The audiobook is now ready! Get it from:  Audible.co.uk or Audible.com  Thought I’d give you a head’s up – Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came (already available as a paperback and e-book) is going to be made into an audiobook. Once created, it will be available from Amazon, Audible and iTunes. I’ve chosen an English native […]

Environmental Activists and Indigenous Tribes Honoured ~ Environmental Fiction Teaches Readers Facts in the Real World

Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came is much more than just a story from the animals’ point of view. It’s also “a story to save the Earth”! But how does one story save the Earth, you ask? The story itself is about an increasingly concerning environmental issue – humans ‘developing’ land where wild animals live. On another […]

‘Animals in the Forest’ Paperback and e-Book now available! ~ Environmental Fiction Title Aims to 'Save the Earth'

Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came is now conveniently available as either paperback or e-book versions on Amazon. You can get your paperback or e-book here:   Amazon.co.uk  or   Amazon.com  Kids’ books are meant to be enjoyable, readable and fun, and that’s wonderful. But often they’re not about real things in the real world, and they don’t always encourage thinking and questioning. Especially […]

‘Animals in the Forest’ – Published! ~ Environmental Fiction Title Available in Paperback and eBook

News alert: The paperback and e-book versions of Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came have been published! Get yours from:  Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com  “I can say the author cares about animals and the environment very much. Deep down in her heart she wants us all to care, like her, and protect the forest and its living creatures. Kathryn Rose Newey is […]

Environmental, Animal and Human Issues Poetry ~ Poems on Eco Issues, Wildlife & Animal Rights, Human Rights

I have added a page to showcase my poems. Please note that while some of my poetry is fun and for everyone, other poems explore sensitive issues such as poaching, death or abortion – and are more for those who like to think deeply and examine below the surface of things. If you’re young or likely to feel upset by […]

WonderWorksheets – Great Learning & Teaching Resources ~ Ecology and English Reading, Writing and Speaking Projects

Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came has been written to be much, much more than just a story. It’s purposely geared towards learning and doing – especially around environmental issues. Not only are there information, guidance and websites included at the back of the book, to feed and nurture curiosity, but there are also separate WonderWorksheets (essentially these are […]