Veganism: Saving the Planet one Plant-Based Meal at a Time ~ Vegans Shun Animal Suffering, Help Health & Environment

Veganism: Some may think it’s a passing fad or trend which celebrities, especially young celebrities and their followers, are embracing. However there’s more to veganism than you might think, and the numbers of people adopting vegan diets have risen exponentially in the last 10 years. Matt Prior, a vegan and vegan activist in Hertfordshire, UK, says: “Veganism is a lifestyle, not […]

New Animal Rights Story for Teens to be Published Soon ~ Novel about Zoo Animals in Captivity, With Facts and Websites

UPDATE June 2018: ‘The Zoo Animals’ Faraway Dream‘ has been published! Find out more here. If you or your kids are into reading about the natural environment, green issues, ecology, animals or saving the planet, then my next book, ‘The Zoo Animals’ Faraway Dream‘ is for you! It’s a story about living behind bars, told from the perspective of zoo […]

What are ‘Animal Rights’ and why should we care about Animals? ~ Caring about Animals Goes Further than Fluffy Bunnies

The term ‘Animal Rights‘ is everywhere these days. To the point where perhaps it’s easy to dismiss, like the myriad of other things vying for our attention in the modern world. But here’s why the rights of animals are important… Now we could get into ethics and philosophy, but to me it’s simpler than that.  Firstly we can often see the […]

Environmental Activists and Indigenous Tribes Honoured ~ Environmental Fiction Teaches Readers Facts in the Real World

Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came is much more than just a story from the animals’ point of view. It’s also “a story to save the Earth”! But how does one story save the Earth, you ask? The story itself is about an increasingly concerning environmental issue – humans ‘developing’ land where wild animals live. On another […]

‘Animals in the Forest’ – Published! ~ Environmental Fiction Title Available in Paperback and eBook

News alert: The paperback and e-book versions of Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came have been published! Get yours from: or  “I can say the author cares about animals and the environment very much. Deep down in her heart she wants us all to care, like her, and protect the forest and its living creatures. Kathryn Rose Newey is […]

Environmental, Animal and Human Issues Poetry ~ Poems on Eco Issues, Wildlife & Animal Rights, Human Rights

I have added a page to showcase my poems. Please note that while some of my poetry is fun and for everyone, other poems explore sensitive issues such as poaching, death or abortion – and are more for those who like to think deeply and examine below the surface of things. If you’re young or likely to feel upset by […]