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The Eco-Fiction novel Animals in the Forest: The Day Terrible Things Came has been written to be much, much more than just a story.

It’s purposely geared towards learning and doing – especially around environmental issues.

Not only are there information, guidance and websites included at the back of the book, to feed and nurture curiosity, but there are also two sets of very comprehensive worksheets designed to help take it all further:

English Literacy WonderWorksheets Set A and Environmental WonderWorksheets Set B are extensive, interactive booklets of worksheets, unlike any you’ve seen before!

WonderWorksheets include reading comprehension-style questions based on extracts from the story, with space for pupils to write their answers and notes, as well as research and discussion ideas, website links, fiction and non-fiction writing activities, and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) quizzes.

For each chapter of the story, there are four A4 pages of WonderWorksheets, adding up to a whopping 36 pages of exploration and literacy activities.

Perfect for independent learning as well as teachers, parents, homeschoolers, clubs, and private tutors….

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Happy reading, writing, talking, researching and questioning! 🙂