WonderWorksheets – Great Learning & Teaching Resources

I have written Animals in the Forest to be much, much more than just a story.

It’s purposely geared towards learning and doing – especially around environmental issues.

Not only are there information, guidance and websites included at the back of the book, to feed and nurture curiosity, but I have also created separate WonderWorksheets (essentially these are worksheets with added value) to take it all further.

WonderWorksheets include reading comprehension-style questions based on extracts from the story, with space for children to write their answers and notes, as well as research and discussion ideas, website links, fiction and non-fiction writing activities, and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) quizzes.

For each chapter of the story, there are two WonderWorksheets, each comprising two A4 pages, giving you and your children ample exploration and literacy activities once you’ve read the book, or as you read each chapter. Perfect for teachers, parents, homeschoolers, clubs, private tutors….

To download your free samples of WonderWorksheets, or to get all the WonderWorksheets to keep, click here.

Happy reading, writing, talking, researching and questioning! 🙂